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SCH Creative & Performing Arts, Inc. also known as SCH CAPA, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit that was incorporated in June of 2010. We are an afterschool program formed to provide a place where adolescents are encouraged to develop their full creative potential through the Visual and Performing Arts. Our mission is to maximize the artistry of youth aged 8 to 18 throughout the Philadelphia region and develop their artistic being.

From 2012 to 2016, we have offered, photography, audio engineering, music production, vocal music, fashion and styling, dance, and musical theater classes. We also offer community service and enrichment workshops focused on character building, wellness, and social skills.

In 2017, SCH CAPA started it’s “FLY (Forever Love Yourself) Tour.” We visit high-schools and middle schools with musical performances from local Philadelphia Artists who have uplifting, positive music. A student chosen by the School Faculty for academic excellence, leadership qualities, community involvement and extracurricular activities is recognized and awarded as the Fly Star of the school year.

SCH CAPA also implemented The FLY Star program for aspiring artists who wish to receive the gems on what it takes to become a professional artist. This program includes workshops twice a month that consists of songwriting and recording techniques, building your own website, social media etiquette, public speaking and stage presence, branding, metaphysics of sound, how to protect your music and more.

Our programs give members the opportunity to obtain practical experience in the arts. The programs help prepare students for post-secondary schools and colleges that are seeking students interested in these fields.

SCH CAPA’s primary goal is to offer a dynamic, unique, and constantly-evolving program to all youth who have a passion for the Fine Arts.

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