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"Help make a difference"
Interested in sponsoring a child? Click here

The Arts provide young people with authentic learning experiences that engage their minds, hearts, and bodies. Arts Education helps students learn; it can enhance creativity, self-discipline, and the skills and confidence necessary to meet the challenges encountered during their lives. HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!

How can you help? SCH CAPA is in need of many donations. Donations can be used for computers, laptops, books, musical instruments, studio equipment, costumes, student scholarships, supplies, programs, etc. Every dollar will help make a difference.

We will also accept donations of good quality computers, musical instruments, studio equipment, cameras, etc. that can be used in one of our programs. Contact us at to sponsor a child for $250 for our FLY STAR program starting February 2018.

**All contributions are greatly appreciated and checks should be made payable to SCH Creative & Performing Arts, Inc. and mailed to our office (4640 Roosevelt blvd Ste 3 #1002 Philadelphia, PA 19124).

Click the button below to donate via PayPal. **

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